EKA are a studio based outfit producing commercial house trax with soulful vocals, combined with big dancefloor beats to get you in the groove. Influenced by the 00’s and 10’s dance scene, with up to date production and trax mixed for all floors. Trax that sound at home on both commercial radio stations and the dance floor. Checkout ‘Something More’, their first release with Biggroove records. The track has gone down well on the dance floor and clubs up and down the country. Thanks to the directorial skills of Canadian director Jordan Kotras and his team, Biggroove Records celebrates its first video release: EKA’s Destiny of Luv. Click here for some FREE EKA Featuring Sam and the lovely Karina (what’s with the rabbit??). Soon to be found on some TV channels near you. EKA have remixed and re-released their club anthem-Something More. Have a look at their video-specially put together for all of you football fans. You can tell by the kit that this was shot on the hottest day of the summer! Directed by Robert Bertrand. We now have the NEW JDS (Joe de Simone) mix of Something More a classic EKA track that is still sounding great now! Check it out! U-Know-Listen/download SomethingMoreDL Something More – Listen / Download DestinyOfLoveDL Destiny of Luv – Listen / Download Tell-Me Tell Me – Listen / Download SomethingMoreDL2 Something More – Listen / Download


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