Welcome to Biggroove Records

The home of EKA and Indiscretion, producing quality funky house and soulful ballads. Producer Ekow Armah set up Big groove Records, a UK funky house label, in the early part of 2006. Click here to check out our sound for free. Ekow Armah had been extensively involved in the label’s 2 signings to date, ‘EKA’ and ‘Indiscretion’. ‘I felt that it was a matter of time before these 2 acts got signed up, having produced some of their earlier stuff. I also thought that this is as good a time as any to launch a label, and why not sign them up myself (before someone else does!)’-Ekow Armah. The Big Groove Records vision is to create a label that oozes quality, soulful dance music ballads, and funky underground grooves, creating timeless tunes that never grow old! Tunes that really move you both physically and emotionally, but above all tunes that make you feel good. So BGR are pleased to welcome EKA and Indiscretion to the fold. We have grown a bit since those early days. Biggroove records is the former home to WOLFCLUB (you can still hear their sound on our Beatport page) Fast forward and we now have another Ekow Armah project called Mr A. He teamed up with soul2soul's Emma Louise to give you FREEE (formerly Summer dream symphony without the lyrics). See what label owner and producer Ekow armah has to say about the label. Here's some FREE music to get you started/checkout our sound

Future plans for the label include debut albums from E-K-A, Indiscretion and Mr A. Biggroove records chillout and electronica albums as well as mixtapes from guest Djs. Dont forget to checkout our blog, where we report news from the world of dance music. Do follow us on twitter and facebook. Go here and download E-K-A's Destiny of Luv for FREE as a taster of our sound at Biggroove records. You can check out our tracks on BEATPORT as well as some EXCLUSIVE mixes and tracks only available in our STORE. Happy listening wherever you get to hear us! Click here for our newsletter and some FREE music