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You are now one step closer to being part of an EXCLUSIVE Biggroove Records fan club. It is really nice to know that our music is being checked out by people who like what we are doing and by doing so, you also support us as an up and coming independent labelYour support can start from as little as $1 (0.77p) per month as a starter fan!  That's LESS than the cost of  a coffee! See below..

Hopefully you have had a chance to hear what our artists actually sound like. If not tune in here. We hope that you like what you hear!

We are currently offering 3 levels of membership:

1/ BGR Fan (Starter)= $1 (0.77p) per month. What do you get for that? A Biggroove records starter welcome pack of The All mixed up series, money off all singles, albums, remixes and DJ packages

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2/ BGR Fan (Standard) =$2 (£1.44p) first month and $5  (£3.85p) per month afterwards. What do you get for that? A BGR Welcome pack of singles, the All mixed up series, label alerts, FREE singles, exclusive entry to competitions, discounts on all remixes, albums and DJ packages

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3/ BGR Super Fan-Access all areas=$17 per month (£13) What do you get for that? Full Biggroove records back catalogue, FREE Albums, singles, remixes,  videos, artwork, lyric sheets, interviews and EVERYTHING you will need to become a Biggroove Records Super fan! Entry to Exclusive competitions to  name  some of our tracks and lots more!

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