It's been a while since we have heard from Indiscretion! Behind the scenes producer Ekow Armah has been putting together the final touches to their soon to be released debut album entitled 4AM. There are 12 tracks and it includes well known faves as well as 8 new tracks that really capture Indiscretion's journey from inception to the present day. The lead single from 4am will be Rock U Crazy- must point out for all of you Indiscretion fans, this is NOT a departure into rock!! simply the title of a very funky single with some great mixes to complete the package. Do check it out for yourself in our store. For those of you who dont know, Indiscretion can best be described as a band that produces funky underground house trax, with haunting melodies and funky grooves. Their music captures a mood whether it’s a vocal riff over a funky groove or an instrumental. The band want their music to move seamlessly from vocal funky house to trax that stand alone as intrumentals that tear up the dance floor.Ekow Armah's Indiscretion are a studio based band soon to take their tunes out onto the streets, so watch out! Check out 'Anutha time' their haunting first release with Biggroove records. Here's some FREE music to get you in the mood.

It's been a while since we heard from Indiscretion, but when you hear 'Jus the groove', I am sure you will agree it was worth the wait! Indiscretion have gone for a sexy, sensual, house instrumental, featuring sax and keys, backed up by housey beats and their trade mark percussion lix. Jus the groove comes as an extended mix and a radio edit, that stands out as a tune in its own right. It wouldn't be an Indiscretion project without the presence of the LUVVA BOYZ and their dance mix: tribal, thumping, exciting-you need to play this loud! The track still retains some of the sexy sax from the original. Enjoy! Looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for their debut album. In the meantime Indiscretion have been busy in the studio with their funky little instrumental entitled Mad Funky-the title says it all!  Quite a departure from Jus the groove; this funky little number is featured as an original mix and a very clubby, funky house mix, courtesy of the Diamond Geezers. The track is picking up plenty of DJ support from across the globe! We followed Jus the groove with probably pur best known track to date-Anutha time. This was in fact the very first release from Biggrove records own studio, 'back in the day'. We have re-visited anutha time Anutha-time it still has that haunting melody. It comes with a very funky beach bar mix as well as the now familiar Luvva Boyz mix, complete with all of their trade mark sounds. Click here to keep up to date with Indiscretion's news and releases-here are some of their tracks for you-all FREE

Had a great time making the video which actually won us an award-(An Accolade) in the US, thanks to the work of David Padduck, the director. Click here for our newsletter and some FREE music!