Mr. A

Click here for Mr A updates and some FREE music, Producer Ekow Armah's dance project known as Mr A burst onto the scene in 2012, with the well received dance instrumental called Summer Dream Symphony. 'I wanted to write a dance track that had all the feel of a classic house track, even a touch of Ibiza guitar, but with classical strings.  so that classical kind of meets house. The idea worked in my head and sounded even better in the studio!' So Summer dream Symphony was born. Listen to the original here Summer-dreamhpg While people liked the track, as a nation of song lovers, quite a few people felt that it could work with a vocal. It so happened that i was working with S.E.L (Soulful Emma Louise-soul2soul no less!) on an E-K-A project called Mr Dj. She was the obvious choice to work with and to come up with a vocal line. Freee was born. Djmashdup provides the very soulful Hazy Dayz mix, and there is a Deep frog underground mix too. Hazy dayz edit radio edit

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