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INDISCRETION ARE BACK! Producer Ekow Armah is proud to present 4AM, Indiscretions debut album. 12 quality house  tracks. You can read more about what happened along the way below. ROCK U CRAZY is the first release from the album. Take a look at it here


Indiscretion has gone through a bit of a transformation from the early Anutha times days. Some people are even saying that they are picking up a definite festival vibe in our sound- we want as many people to enjoy our music as possible, so there are no complaints if that's how our music makes you feel! Check out I'm for real below



 Funky house volume 2 is finally out! 12 Hot and funky tracks ready for your complete enjoyment. Featuring tracks from E-K-A, Indiscretion, Mr A and Wolfclub as well as new mixes of your favourite tracks. When you hear it we know you will love it! Listen to it here

Pleased to announce at Biggroove Records that we are launching our merchandising line in the form of  our IF? Lifestyles campaign. IF? 2 simple letters making up 1 word with HUGE potential. What IF? we said hello to that stranger on the bus/ train? Made that phone call that we have been putting off? Went to the party on our own? IF? lifestyles is here for YOU-some great T shirts and accessories. Check them out HERE and make IF?LIFESTYLES a real part of your life!gildan__orange_mockupgildan__daisy_mockup Producer Ekow Armah brings you 2 more new releases E-K-A's little club blaster 'Feel this way' and Mr A's Futuristic dance instrumental Quasor 5 Dj Mashdup is currently working on a new mix of Indiscretion's Jus the Groove. Had a sneak preview! The track is as funky as ever, even more EDM than the original (is that possible??) Do you remember Jus the groove?-take a listen/look here. Shot over a few evenings in good ole London town!


indiscretion2_dots Yep, it’s true! Indiscretion ARE back! It’s been well over 2 years since you last heard from producer Ekow Armah’s deep house project-Indiscretion. They are back with a new single Rock U Crazy (more of that later) and putting the finishing touches to their debut album-working title 4 am. So why the long wait for new material? Ekow armah explains-indiscretion are 1 of 3 projects that i work and produce for on the label. Sometimes there doesn’t seem enough hours in the day. Our last big track was our re-make of Anutha time-complete with string arrangement. I have been taken up working on E-K-A’s debut album that  finally came out end part of 2015. The plan was to have indiscretion’s album out straight afterwards , but with all the best will in the world-sometimes these things just aren’t possible. I think that people will be quite surprised by the eclectic nature of Indiscretion’s debut album,  it really does span a bit of time and comes complete with a mixture of songs and instrumentals. back to our current release-always felt that Mad funky-our quirky little instrumental had a bit more to offer. I always heard more than an instrumental-it really could make a decent song! of course the dilemma really was can you write a lyric that includes the line Mad funky and still make sense? i decided it better to take a new approach with the song and create a new title from the lyrics that already worked, So Indiscretion fans will recognise the backing track-that has been brought up to date, with some great vocals from Charmaine. it’s funky. fun  and hopefully a hit on the dance floor as well as on radio. Rock U Crazy will be out there on radio early June, promo towards the end of May Thinkin about u You can read more about the EKA (E-K-A) album below. Here's a little info to take you behind the scene of the release promoting the album. The track is called Thinkin about U and features an up and coming vocalist called Chiedza. The backing track had been around for a while-it was always intended to be a song-in fact the music and lyrics were written around the same time. Just waiting for the right vocalist to come around. What's the track about? as the title hints at-relationships-hopefully a different way about talking/dreaming of that perfect relationship. Take a listen to it HERE E-K-A's debut Album is here! 11 classic soulful dance tracks for you to enjoy. It's been a while in the making but I'm sure that when you hear it, you will agree that it was worth the wait. 11 songs with some great soulful singers-commercial house E-K-a style at its very best! You can download yours here Please enjoy and dance responsibly!!! We now have a video for E-K-A's  Feel this way



This is one of THE tracks getting Dj support-Freee by Mr A feat SEL radio edit taster(soulful Emma Louise) from soul2 soul no less!!

Checkout EKA's (E-K-A) U-know 4 great mixes from SnowflAke mAker, wolfclub and Dj Mashdup, to get you in the mood!

Hear DJ Mashdup and House FM's Lady T in the mix, coming very soon on Biggroove records-the first of many mixtapes and magamixes from House Djs that we feel are playing some great stuff out there.

Working with Chantel Brown on Mad funky-Indiscretion's original funky house instrumental track.It now has a very soulful vocal, courtesy of Chantel. As a song it is now called Rock U crazy. Checkout Chiedza who features on E-K-A's Thinkin About U, which also gets a remix from the AW guys from Sweden Thinkin about u

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